Jews Against Zionism


Arthur Neslen A way out of the Gaza Crisis? Counterpunch, 5 July 2006

Four articles
by Tony Greenstein demonstrating the links between Zionism and anti-Semitism:
Part 1: Unholy Alliance. Weekly Worker, 22 June 2006
Part 2: Zionism and the Holocaust.
Weekly Worker, 29 June 2006
Part 3: Hungary, Auschwitz and rewriting the Holocaust, Weekly Worker, July 6 2006
Part 4: The Real Resistance, Weekly Worker, 13 July 2006

Roland Rance: Challenging Zionism, in Palestine Internationalist No 4

Roland Rance: Opposition to Zionism: the core strategy of a solidarity movement. Paper presented as Islamic Human Rights Commission Conference 'Against Zionism, Jewish Perspectives.'  


John E Richardson: Normalising Israeli Aggression, excerpt from (Mis)Representing Islam: The Racism and Rhetoric of British Broadsheet Newspapers. Amsterdam: John Benjamins

Older articles

Roland Rance (1981) Descent from Mount Zion, extract from Volunteers for Palestine (Miftah Publications)

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